The Crazy Train

The Crazy Train is a unique clan of semi-nomadic Texoridians who reside in a suburban outpost at the edge of the Texas Hill Country. The small band of lunatics is fearlessly led by the Dad, a left-brained, left-handed Floridian-turned-Texan science nerd who is the voice of reason (and maturity) in this full-house of wanderers. He is the Train conductor, the pilot, and usually the final decision-maker on important matters such as excursion timetables, souvenir purchases, and potty breaks. The Mom, on the other hand, is a the right-handed, right-brained, Native Texan, co-pilot and official Navigatrix, who has a knack for on-the-road research. This can serve as both a blessing and a curse because as a trained photographer, she has been known to guide the Land Yacht miles and miles off-course to take a family portrait in front of a sign that may, or may not, still exist. The remaining members of the Crazy Train are the kiddos. The GirlChild, who enjoys historical markers, bugs, burnt ends of brisket, and rolling her eyes; The MiddleBoyChild, who enjoys Dr Pepper, antique shops, and repeatedly asking the same question several times; And theCabooseComedianBoyChild who enjoys cheeseburgers, turkey sandwiches, inappropriate chauvinistic pinching and honking, and anything that bothers his older siblings.

We love to road trip, but only when we get to follow our own rules. We would like to see every square inch of Texas that we can while we soak up all the rich history, delicious food, beautiful sights and sites, and amazing people that the greatest state in the Union has to offer.

The Crazy Train also has a “Spur” known as the JNJ Line. The JNJ Line is The Mom’s link with sanity (or insanity, actually). The JNJ Line is the Moms Day Out, and it includes The Mom of 3, The Mom of 2, and the Mom of 1. These three Super Models met at Fat Camp, and although they really try to support each other’s continued success in not being HUGE, the JNJ Line often visits the same locations as the Crazy Train, just without a voice of reason or maturity.


  1. On one our many road trips (back roads as much as possible, I mean like County Roads that sometimes aren’t even paved) , we ended up at Edgar B Davis Southside Park in Luling. My husband and I were very curious about the old building we saw by the river filled with dirt. I came across your picture of it and here I am. LOL. I just wanted to thank you for saving me hours of research (which I honestly don’t even mind that much) and giving me even more ideas for our seriously backroad trips. I was wondering if I was the only person that might take three hours to get somewhere when I could get there in two. LOL.

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    1. Oh my. We take like 3-4x as long as we should to get anywhere! I hate highways because you miss everything! We’ve not been roadtripping as much as we used to, mostly because with kids getting older and having their own schedules and etc., it’s hard to pin everyone down. And I’ve got a handful of writing projects in the works, so I never just sit down and write about our adventures the way I used to. But I love getting messages like yours, and when I do, you inspire me to get back out there again! Thank you!!!



  2. Hello! I’ve enjoyed reading your family story on the ancestry-oriented blog, and wonder if you might be willing to let me use an image of Helen Ekin Starrett – the one where she appears to be holding an infant that dates to approximately 1878 – for an article that I am writing for publication. Michael Dorn, Kansas City, Missouri



      1. Hi julie,
        I also found you from your ancestry blog . I have some 1917 blueprints (definitely blue!) of a Diablo California cottage drawn by British architects for a Mrs. Dinwiddie. Happy to share with you.

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      2. Hi! That sounds amazing! You can reach me at the name of my other blog at yahoo dot com. I’m very curious to see what those blueprints could be! Thanks for thinking of me!


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